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We talk about the math, yes, but this show focuses primarily on the psychology of money. Usually the biggest obstacle to financial success is your current thinking. Then, make sure you have the right equipment to record a high-quality podcast. At a minimum, you’ll need a reliable computer with internet access, a microphone (either a traditional microphone or a headset, earbuds, or built-in computer mics), and recording software. With your podcasting setup in place, start learning how to record and post your podcast.

Confused about how to start making investments that are right for you? Money lying around in a low-interest bank account or in cash at home is not going to help you in the long run. Well, who doesn’t want to earn more and save more in today’s economy? While that sounds very easy on paper, managing personal finance well in real life is as difficult as it gets.

The Fairer Cents is highly recommended for women who want to learn how to manage their finances well. It takes a closer look at why money is such a complicated issue when it comes to women, and discusses the factors that affect women’s struggle against economic inequality. While the hosts seem to make fun of everything, and always keep things light, you will find that each episode is full of life lessons about making and handling money to achieve financial security. Ramsey offers a systematic yet simple method to help you manage your money and take control of your expenses. For people who are struggling to make ends meet but searching for an effective way to pay their debts off as soon as possible, The Dave Ramsey Show is just a few clicks away. There are podcasts to help you make a budget, manage debt, save for retirement, and navigate buying a home.

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Women, whether they’re the caretakers, the breadwinners, or both, face a unique set of financial challenges. But often, the advice you can most relate to comes from a non-expert who has lived through the situations you are going through. Andy Hill isn’t a trained financial expert, but his stories and suggestions have resonated with thousands who tune in to his venture, Marriage Kids and Money.

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Scott and James discuss the pros and cons of using dividend investing to create passive income. Matthew Altmix and Joel Larsgaard host the “How to Money” podcast, which is drafted to be a manual on all matters cash for millennials. The display covers a huge type of cash questions referring to budgeting, credit score scores, debt repayment, and a way to earn extra cash. He talks to experts who are knowledgeable in investing, sports, business, to name a few. The experts offer the tactics, tools, and routines they used to get where they are today. This show is great for women who are focused on organizing their financial life and sticking to a budget.

We understand how choosing the best financial podcast can be a daunting challenge in itself! To make things easier, here’s a list of the best personal finance podcasts that are sure to help you achieve all your financial goals. The Mad Fientist is a financial independence podcast that offers tips and strategies that can help you attain early retirement avis sur easymarkets and financial freedom. It is hosted by Brandon, a.k.a. “Mad Fientist,” who was able to achieve financial independence at the age of 34. Smart Passive Income shares everything he learned after that collapse. He shares all his blogging strategies, online business techniques, and unique marketing tips that you can use to thrive in your personal finances.

Listener question: How can a retiree who is forced to take RMDs by law deal with the current bear market?

She has turned everything she learned along the way into her blog Modern Frugality, and written three books . Rebecca Lake has over a decade of experience researching and writing hundreds of articles on retirement, investing, budgeting, banking, loans, and more. She has been published by well-known finance brands including SoFi, Forbes, Chime, CreditCards.com, Investopedia, SmartAsset, Nerdwallet, Credit https://currency-trading.org/ Sesame, LendingTree, and more. A piece of advice that he swears by is to pay off debt as soon as possible and not fall into the trap of dealing with debt collectors. Hosted by Nicaila Matthews Okome, “Side Hustle Pro” highlights Black women who have used side hustles to become successful entrepreneurs. Listeners learn the first steps to take and what’s required to become a successful side hustler.


Just like their books, the Freakonomics podcast dives into the hidden side of odd life stories and events, with an economic twist to it. The show interviews iconic business leaders like Sarah Blakely, the woman who created the Spanx empire. This award-winning, NPR-backed show does a superb job of teaching you something cool, quirky, or weird about money and the economy. If you want a lifestyle podcast that considers the cost of self-improvement, All the Hacks is for you. All The Hacks aims to help you optimize and upgrade every aspect of your life while spending less and saving more. Hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and Josh Bannerman, better known as OG, don’t take themselves too seriously, claiming to record the show “live from Joe’s mom’s basement” with her neighbor “Doug” emcee-ing.

You’ll hear episodes on topics like running a successful small business, investing with a purpose, and generating sustainable, generational wealth. This podcast offers exactly what you’d think, knowledge and tools to teach people how to thrive with their money. Hosts Joel and Matt are best friends, and great guys in real life, who love talking about money and drinking good beer.

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a regulatory agency charged with overseeing financial products and services that are offered to consumers. You can also listen to The Investopedia Express, hosted by editor-in-chief Caleb Silver. She covered shareholder activism as a reporter at Reorg and Activist Insight and her work has been published in The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and The Jerusalem Post.

Host Michael Policar creates approximately 15-minute episodes on everything from diversification and stock splits to health care open enrollment and estate planning. Well, the personal finance app is more than just a company that pissed off a lot of users by blocking them from buying GameStop, AMC, Nokia, and Blackberry shares. They’re also creators of a pretty fascinating podcast about how the financial system works, and how you can take advantage of it. Host and Robinhood CEO and co-founder Vlad Tenev interviews YouTubers, CEOs, athletes, technologists and more to answer some of the most pressing questions about personal finance today in Under the Hood.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card table and bring you guests, trivia, your letters about saving, investing, and risk management, and much more. There are several business expense categories you need to account for before budgeting. The good thing about these financial podcasts is that they come from acclaimed finance experts who will always offer advice that is not only actionable but also sworn by the most successful business owners. You don’t know how much you can learn about money matters if you listen to a good personal finance podcast regularly.

If you’re looking for a feminist take on finance that goes deeper than the standard money podcast fare, “Fairer Cents” co-hosts Kara Perez and Tanja Hester deliver plenty of insightful discussions. They’re helped along by their expert guests, which include behavioral scientists and financial gurus who can speak on the financial issues that most impact women. Like the “Dave Ramsey” radio show, the podcast offers straightforward, no-fluff advice on how to eliminate debt systematically and quickly so you can move on to other financial goals, such as planning for retirement. If you’ve been struggling to gain traction with paying off debt or you just don’t know what to do first, Ramsey can help you create an actionable plan for getting ahead and chipping away at the balances.

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