How To Use “dictionary” In A Sentence

Building 6C, with Bars of Color, was also made, although it was eventually cut as a result of some puzzle referred to some puzzle that referred to Bars of Color. Let me sketch a tough timeline of when things happened. The basic structure of the MMO, including the participant code and client-server communication and some of the choices that led to that, were set in place by mid-April. A demo of the Green Building, the first space constructed within the MMO, was up by the end of April.

From the beginnings of slang lexicography to this day, many readers have revelled in the exotic, illicit, and thrilling features of Anglophone culture from a textual distance. In the privateness of one’s parlour, one could expertise much less typical lives vicariously. The worth of slang dictionaries exceeds this sort of lexical prurience, nevertheless. Adequate histories of Anglophone tradition and of the English language in England or North America or elsewhere require data of those phrases and what they’ve meant to those who use them. But avoiding details out of distaste or embarrassment seems intellectually irresponsible and culturally callous. Indeed, the historical dictionaries of Anglophone slang are maybe most necessary of all as a result of they are probably the most democratic.

Dictionary-Writing Systems Following Laurence Urdang’s pioneering experiments in the 1960s, it gradually grew to become normal for publishers to use computer databases to store and organise their dictionary content. One significant improvement was the digitisation of the Oxford English Dictionary . The OED, published in twelve volumes in 1933, had been updated with a four-volume Supplement in 1986, and at this point the dictionary ran to over 20,000 printed pages, all typeset using old technology.

And in the type sections within the first six volumes , preferring instead to let the listing of regional texts and manuscripts and the dialogue of dialectal traits in the Plan stand in their place. In Kuhn’s half the number of labels increases, particularly from M on; in Lewis’s there was an extra, bigger improve. In addition, there was an attempt within the later volumes to point the mix of the diachronic and the geographical/regional (e.g. ‘early SWM ’) whenever attainable, a apply reflected in OED3.

Is comprised mainly of nouns, verbs and sometimes adjectives. Snatches of dialog or broadcast text jotted down as they heard them. These cards had been ordered by catchword, and as editors got here to evaluation each word, they’d sort their playing cards into completely different piles, each illustrating a different which means or grammatical building, and so on.

Needless to say, we needed to reduce these ideas. Second, I suppose that this was, in retrospect, the correct determination. Our theme is especially suited to the remote hunt, and yes, it’s oddly prescient that this was the theme we selected a number of months earlier than we knew the hunt would be remote. It was wonderful to see how our hunt made people feel, which really, is considered one of the things I worth the most about our hunt; I’ll speak about this extra later. Then there were tons and many documents written.

The “deeply” bit qualifies this explicit god to be one from the seas. Solution satisfies “displaying” – we’ve all been there, love – and “message opposing capital punishment”. Solution is LAUREATE (i.e. “poet given honour”) with the preliminary letter removed (indicated by “not the first”). Solution is IN (i.e. “ home”) followed by F (i.e. “start to fall”, i.e. the first letter of “fall”) and LATE (i.e. “behind schedule”). “What is clear in weighty” refers to how EIGHT forms the MIDDLE of the word “weighty”. Solution is MAMMONITES (i.e. “possible adherents of a god of wealth”) with the initial letter eliminated (indicated by “dismissing leader”).

Lexeme, the smallest distinctive unit within the lexicon or vocabulary of a language which is generally interpreted as a mixture of a form with a meaning→lexical item, lexical unit. Lexical, belonging to or involving lexemes. Lexical class, a syntactic class for elements which are part of the lexicon and which can be outlined when it comes to core notions or prototypes. Than one particular term→hypernym, superordinate term. Genus, a gaggle of lexemes inside a household that consists of a quantity of similar or closely related species.

The word’s obtained five priors in the database, however none of these mention intercourse. I’m not sure if the central entry, ENTAILS, is supposed to hitch the theme. Cursory analysis suggests that arrows used in archery have fletching , not tails, however typographical arrows could have tails. Could imply a few different things, similar to writing a solution down, laying an object down, or attempting to BAD-MOUTH someone. Is EYE CLAUDIUS. The miniseries was I, Claudius, and I suppose my high-school English trainer had the poster on the classroom wall. He had a man-crush on actor Derek Jacobi.

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