Outsourcing Vs Outstaffing What Is The Difference, And Which Is The Better Choice?

Every business faces the choice of developing or purchasing software. In order to decide, you need to understand what is the difference between custom vs. off-the-shelf software. As we can see, the advantages of outsourcing software development are much greater than the disadvantages, which, moreover, can be solved without any particular issue.

outstaffing model

Learn how to build a scheduling app and take advantage of your custom system. Customers may prefer this approach when they already have a technical team, but lack experts, so the problem cannot be completely solved in-house. Basically, the outstaffing model looks like this.

First of all, majority of our customers say they choose outstaffing model when they can’t find a local developer. This model of work assumes you have a lack of qualified staff in your city. This is a big issue for business located in small towns. Outstaffing is a model in which a team or a single specialist essentially performs a job for a client but works for an outstaff agency.

What Is The Essence Of Outstaffing Software Development?

You can decide based on the needs of your business and the required technical component, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a mature business or a startup. If your company is not technically oriented and there are no in-house experts who could lead the development team, outsourcing is more https://globalcloudteam.com/ suitable for you. In case you have your own staff but need to work with remote specialists and build processes, then you can turn to outstaffing. The service provider assumes responsibility for the product’s quality. In helpdesk example, this would be the quality of the customer service.

outstaffing model

It’s even easier to save money than with the previous approach. In comparison, outstaffing payouts are much lower. Since you are not in direct contact with the team, it can be difficult to gauge the level and pace of work on tasks. Since the work can be carried out in a remote format, you can team up with experts of any level, wherever they are. While these concepts are widespread, they can sometimes be confusing.

Looking For Someone To Handle Your Backend Works In Challenging Times?

At the same time, our customers work in close cooperation with us. They don’t have to be technicians, as they can rely on us. On the other hand, when engaging in outstaffing, a company does not commission a third party to do the work. Rather, it enhances its own internal department (helpdesk, software development, etc.) with the services of remote teams. Also, and this is a very significant nuance of this model, the outstaffing service provider effectively becomes the employer. It provides the salaries, benefits, bonuses, hardware, etc.

  • To outsource or to outstaff, that is the question.
  • So, this practice means that the organization providing a service in this way takes over the work in full.
  • We have reviewed the top web frameworks for server and client-side development and compared their pros and cons.
  • Outstaffing is a model in which a team or a single specialist essentially performs a job for a client but works for an outstaff agency.
  • In a software development scenario, the quality of the code.
  • You want your project manager to set up tasks for a new developer or manager him yourself?

We are happy when we’ve gone beyond expectations. We have reviewed the top web frameworks for server and client-side development and compared their pros and cons. Find out which one can be a great fit for your next project.

In such conditions, the client controls the entire scope of work and also leads the team himself. The outstaff company as an employer undertakes to provide equipment and salary. In turn, the client sets tasks and monitors the results. Outsourcing can enable companies to reduce costs, accelerate time needed to go to market and take advantage of external expertise, assets and intellectual property. You give part of the tasks to those who know how to do it better, cheaper and faster. Web-based employee scheduling software improves team management and cuts organization costs.

Benefits Of Team Extension Model

You receive documentation upon completion of work, along with the source code and the deployed product. Outsourcing is a project or function assignment to a third party that has resources to perform the task, such as a qualified team and equipment. This can mean creating a web or mobile application, developing a website, and so on. This approach is an alternative to creating an in-house department. Also, it provides opportunities to free up existing resources and focus on new areas of professional activity or develop those that require additional attention.

Each line of business has different requirements in terms of investment, expansion plans, corporate relations, and so on. But there are certain factors that remain more or less constant across the entire business spectrum. More control over the work being done, greater results in the long run, and of course, cost efficiency. These three aspects can be found under the outstaffing umbrella. Let’s take a look at outstaffing versus outsourcing comparisons according to various factors. So you will once again formulate for yourself the pros and cons of hiring outstaffing versus outsourcing teams.

You want your project manager to set up tasks for a new developer or manager him yourself? The specialist is fully engaged in your project, under your supervision and you can contact him directly at your convenience. If you are not sure which work model will better suit your business needs, do not hesitate to contact us. The client relinquishes control over its department/product offering, which might lead to quality issues or reputational damage.

With this new engagement our clients are benefitted by eliminating the cost and liability of making a new full-time hire. All the resources hired are dedicated for a single project bringing our clients the convenience in direct resource management. Outstaffing is a great solution for your business for at least 3 reasons.

Here the team also requires established communication rules. You get easy access to top-notch IT specialists without burdening yourself with HR issues. Now let’s consider the main advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing development. So the question remains, which option is the best? This is quandary that many managers have been confronted with. You can freely change the size of the staff you hire.

Testing is included in the project estimation but also can be ordered as a separate service. Each company is unique for many different reasons. Their type of business, their location, corporate culture, etc.

outstaffing model

All these factors do affect how a company operates, and also have an impact on which option suits them best. These two concepts are nuanced, but here’s the key difference. Project management is done by your PM or on the contractor’s side.

Outsourcing and outstaffing do crossover, but each practice has important differences that need to be taken into account. It is a valid quandary, of course, whether to embark in outsourcing or outstaffing. To outsource or to outstaff, that is the question. We’re just paraphrasing Shakespeare here, but the dilemma for many company execs is no less real.


If this rep is not there, outstaffing will likely not work. This piece delves into the outsourcing and outstaffing concepts, including pros and cons of both, and why should businesses choose one over the other. This helps understand the quality of the code, find possible weaknesses and remove them.

What Is The Essence Of Outsourcing Software Development?

Staff Augmentation is the right solution if you are looking to overcome talent shortage, scale business efficiently and to drive revenue growth. We help our clients in adopting a “Business Anywhere” framework by using the latest technologies. We offer faster hiring timelines that support a cost-effective, quick-to-market strategy. Here is a quick guide to help you estimate conditions and make the choice towards outsource or outstaff development. Our assigned BIM Resources are dedicated in delivering a single project. All the resources are trained to our organization standards before deployment.

Let’s look at the benefits of outstaffing development as well as its drawbacks. A remote contact must take into account time differences and other limitations due to distance. So, at the beginning of the project, it is necessary to establish suitable interaction methods in order to make the workflow efficient and smooth. Outsourcing and outstaffing are widely adopted and recognized practices. By using them, you can improve development, reduce costs, and benefit from the expertise of highly skilled IT professionals.

The Effects Of Salary Review On Employee Retention For Tech Specialists

You don’t need to spend hours on job portals, have dozens of interviews to find a new team member. Just contact the agency that works by this model and that’s it. You can also save your money and hire Senior developer in Ukraine can cost same or even less as a Junior developer in the USA or some European countries. There are a lot of cases when hiring a talent in-house is not feasible or easily doable, while entrusting some important project part to a freelancer is not wise. Thus, you hire software developers with the needed skills from a trustworthy technology partner to gain instant access to the skills you need. Now let’s summarize the battle of outstaffing development versus outsourcing one.

So, the biggest difference between outsourcing versus outstaffing development is who plays the role of manager over the team performing your assignments. Typically, for outsourcing, this role is taken on by a manager who is a part of the team you are hiring. On the other hand, the outstaff model only works when the client controls the extended team. The CTO or Product Owner may be able to do this, but either way, it’s someone from your company.

What Is It Outsourcing?

For the continuous development it is important to engage Senior Architect for at least 20 hours per month to ensure the best solutions are implemented. We provide IT services to customers around the world, reduce their IT risks and maximize their effectiveness. Our IT consulting service provides an expert that can improve IT infrastructure of the business. In Giraffe Software we test a lot of different systems and work with those that are the most effective solutions. As explained earlier, every company is its own ecosystem.

In a software development scenario, the quality of the code. A good advantage of outsourced developers is that you do not need to manage them. Nor do you need to be a techie to delve into the code or technology used. But you can easily follow the workflow in cooperation with the hired team manager.

We help our clients design & build better projects with time savings and cost reduction using BIM. With our VDC & BIM Services, we make ourselves responsible to help new firms implement BIM and get full potential in their projects. Using Kanban and Scrum methodology we always reach our goals and convert your ideas into solutions that help you achieve your business goals. Great reviews are good proofs of our customers’ satisfaction.

So, this practice means that the organization providing a service in this way takes over the work in full. For example, if this is an app, they will complete everything from specifications outstaffing model to maintenance. And by choosing to outsource, you will most likely interact with the manager of the hired team. The third reason is the direct communication and convenience.

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