Top Collaboration Tools For Remote Work

Collaboration involves being able to work together towards a shared business goal to achieve set business targets. It is the act of coordinating, exploring, and managing ideas to deliver outcomes that are their collective responsibility as a team. Select a tool based on its proven collaborative abilities for projects that flow easily towards successful delivery.

remote collaboration tools

Her articles are inspired by office situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click. With the rise in distributed companies, working with teams across borders is becoming a norm. Communication issues are bound to occur when the teams are not together in a room. At the end of the day, it is your specific needs that will decide whether or not a tool is ideal for your business. Mavenlink creates contextual collaboration for your workforce to make the most of their roles within a project. Krisp recognizes and removes background noise in calls in real-time, leaving only a clean human voice.

What Will The Best Communication Tools In The Future Sound Like?

Such tools facilitate one on one collaboration among team members and help them connect from anywhere within seconds. For round-the-clock instant messaging for your team, this tool is a must-have. Remote collaboration tools enhance communication and collaboration among team members located in geographically different places.

remote collaboration tools

It offers a simple user-interface with features like Power Dialer, mobile app, and detailed call reporting. CallHippo empowers sales and service teams, enabling them to communicate with customers, adding to their satisfaction. Hubstaff is a web, mobile, and desktop time tracking and proof of work tool that leads the market. Hubstaff’s unique combination of time tracking, proofing, and invoicing features enable remote teams all around the world to collaborate more effectively. Teamwork is a flexible project management tool that helps agencies manage multiple client projects with ease. Use Teamwork to track and visualize project progress, manage team workload and easily collaborate with clients.

Remote Work Conferences

Thankfully, by automatically capturing everything you work on for you, Timely can reduce time reporting by 75% and provide remote workers with a detailed, objective view of their day. This enables teams to manage their capacity—planning projects and individual schedules according to the time and resource they actually need.

Capacity isn’t an issue since Filestage lets you upload as many files as you want to your projects, making it ideal for teams working on high-volume projects. The usual features like commenting on documents are present in Filestage just as you’d expect. Although, things don’t stop there as you can also comment on audio, video, and images. This multiformat support makes providing feedback convenient regardless of the medium in question. A myriad of subtle features help shape the user experience for all those who count on Google Docs as their primary word processor. For instance, you can add comments with a single click and mark them as resolved just as easily. It’s always wise to be sure a software has everything you need before agreeing to an annual plan, after all.

remote collaboration tools

✓ Feedback & CommentatingGet instant feedback on design works that are in progress. ✓ Course CreationWith ProProfs, developing online training courses becomes easy.

What Remote Work Software Will Benefit Your Team?

And if you’re out to do it for the first time, you may find the task a bit tricky but it is not impossible. It allows users to create, edit, share, & store documents that are accessible to all team members. It also has some excellent built-in features that aid in the creation of intelligent & well-structured documents. Plus, with a variety of customizable layouts & custom templates, it’s simple to tailor it to meet a variety of requirements. OnPage is a real-time incident alert management system that allows IT teams to streamline communication workflows & accelerate incident resolution. When critical IT infrastructure issues arise, the platform sends critical alerts to the appropriate team. During the pandemic, this has proven to be a useful tool for businesses looking to improve their digital transformation processes.

Slack isn’t where remote collaboration takes place, but it’s where remote team members can communicate. Working on projects is a dynamic process and often requires quick changes. Whether working from home or in a co-working space, employees need to connect in real-time. The advantage of sending messages through a chat window is that it is just as instantaneous as phone or video calls, but does not interrupt your workflow. Instant messaging provides a collaborative space where people can ask questions, offer feedback, or troubleshoot issues to resolve problems quickly. Companies can also have dedicated informal chats where people can share success stories or come up with new and creative ideas. Team chat apps provide a way for remote workers to stay in-touch, be it on fun topics or to quickly resolve issues.

Remote Tools For File Storage

Unlike other collaborative software that charges per user, Basecamp charges a single fee of $99.99 for unlimited users, which could make it especially attractive to larger organizations. Having a cloud-based file storage application at your fingertips is invaluable for remote teams. Cloud-based remote work tools keep all the latest versions of your assets in a centralized place. Whether it’s one team member working on a file or many, having a remote tool for file storage makes everyone’s life easier.

They are used by well-known companies like Apple, Home Depot, Verizon, and more. We suggest Time Doctor to organizations that require time tracking software. Companies with virtual workers, online marketers, software teams, and businesses with remote support workers will benefit from Time Doctor.

Use Case: Discussing A Customer Presentation

If you haven’t been living in a hole for the last 6 months, then you probably would’ve heard the name of the application Zoom. This application has become a sensation in recent months when the whole world had to stay at home and talk to their loved ones or professional colleagues. It is one of the most useful collaboration tools for remote teams. In this article, we will tell you about the best collaboration tools for remote teams available in the market right now.

  • By sharing your screen using the screen sharing feature, everyone will be watching the same presentation, and you’ll be able to better explain, show and discuss ideas and suggestions for changes.
  • It also has a lot of storage, integration options, & even a presence feature that showcases a team member’s activity.
  • Hub staff will make you more productive and will make your time work for you.
  • It lacks many of the visual editing capabilities of other collaboration tools.

As a remote team, having a structured archive for “institutional knowledge” and file sharing is critical. It’s an essential component of remote collaboration and Tettra takes proper care of that. As a remote team, staying connected might be difficult.And that’s where remote work collaboration tools come handy. Wrike is more of a project management and scheduling tool, that makes it easy to see where everyone is in terms of completing a project. This means Wrike can work as a central platform tied to a number of others software apps, allowing you to cover a wider range of options and features than some standalone software options. There are audio and video calls and screen sharing as well as productivity tools such as polls, note sharing and reminders, while users can assign tasks to certain members of the group.

Coda also has excellent support documentation & videos to assist businesses in making a smooth transition. This also allows continuous learning about new features & ways to improve product use. It’s a great option for small businesses & freelancers looking for a video conferencing platform with no hidden costs. PhotoAiD is an AI-based online service for taking biometric passport, ID, & visa photos with just a smartphone.

This is because the easier the tool is, the greater is the likelihood of it being adopted by all the team members. Instead of being helpful, complex tools end up being a headache for the majority of the team members. IIoT software assists manufacturers and other industrial operations with configuring, managing and monitoring connected devices. A good IoT solution requires capabilities ranging from designing and delivering connected products to collecting and analyzing system data once in the field.

Get instant notifications for new form submissions and easy access to unlimited zap templates with shared folders for team collaboration. Engaging with team members from all over the world can be confusing, complicated, and hectic. While some team members may struggle with being productive, others might face a communication gap. As a project manager, you may even find yourself struggling to track time effectively and deliver successful projects. Moira Alexander is the Founder of PMWorld 360 Magazine and Lead-Her-Ship Group, and a project management and digital workplace columnist for various publications. Moira has 20+ years in business (IS&T) and project management for small to large businesses in the US and Canada.

Krispis a noise cancelling app that helps remote professionals and teams be more productive. It removes background noise on both sides of the call, so you and your call participants can take important calls from anywhere. You can use it with any communication app and enjoy more productive remote meetings. Troop Messenger is a compact remote work tool for small, medium, and large enterprises. This high functionality, low-complexity tool addresses various domain specificities. Team members can interact via instant messaging, audio and video calling, location and file sharing, and by creating unlimited groups on the go. As a project manager, it becomes your responsibility to set up the path for your teams success.

The Tool Should Be Inherently Collaborative

Hub staff will make you more productive and will make your time work for you. You can keep a track of where employees are spending their time and what tasks they are working on at a given time. Its eye-catchy features include online timesheets, employee scheduling, screen recording, employee monitoring, payroll software, GPS tracking, online invoicing, and project budgeting, and many more. At the same time, it also offers tools to create micro-applications within the Blink platform. Through this, your business can create its own employee communication and collaboration solutions without the need for technical knowledge. Instagantt is a powerful project management software that helps you visually plan, control, and schedule your projects. When giving it a try, you’ll quickly notice you’re working with a super intuitive and beautifully built software that allows you to develop an accurate illustration of your projects.

The software is specifically priced around individual, business, or education use. Collaboration is the remote collaboration new normal in the workplace, with employees no longer expected to work cut off from one another.

Video Conferences & Events

It is always better to be mindful of your needs first, then start seeking the best There are numerous collaboration tools for remote teams in the market that provides great features with paid plans or free trials.

You can also invite your teammates to any sticky note board while working remotely; by visually displaying your ideas, you can enjoy increased productivity and effective team collaboration. The advantage of using a UCaaS platform like Nextiva is that it integrates with your everyday tools, like your CRM or Help Desk software. This is a huge benefit for companies with remote contact centers and remote support agents. It lets you collaborate with coworkers using GIFs, HD videos, screen recordings, and annotated screenshots, all with a link. With this tool, you can customize your work with your own branding. Further, with the ability to send your views, and visual edits to people who have internet access, CloudApp is the perfect tool for all remote workers. These were the top collaborative applications that can help you and remote teams win the fight against all the obstacles related to communication, that remote working can throw at you.

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